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Upcoming Events - Pacific Northwest Conference

July, 2011

Prior to this conference, APCEO Canada will Host a meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia for Executive of APCEO Worldwide, Herbei Port Authority, Independent Business Owners/Investors and Jilin Province.

The purpose of their visit is:

  • Build an alliance with Prince Rupert Port Authority & Chicago government.
  • Promote the upcoming World Emerging Industries Summit in September, 2011 partnered by the Jilin Province/Government and Asia Pacific CEO Worldwide.
  • To build an alliance with 3 levels of Government.

  • Following the meetings in Vancouver, APCEO Canada will escort the delegation to Portland, Oregon USA to attend the Pacific North West Economic Region Conference. The intent will be to extend an invitation to the World Emerging Industries Summit in China in September and to introduce the Asia Pacific CEO Association both Canada and Worldwide.

    Information on both meetings will be updated when confirmed.