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2010 APCEO World Summit


Every year, since 2006, APCEO Worldwide has organized the APCEO Global CEO’s, Governors & Mayors Summit, held in various cities in China. In 2010, APCEO Worldwide partnered with the Government of Jilin Province to organize and co-host a new worldwide Summit, the “World Emerging Industries Summit”, in the capital city of Changchun. In 2010 the Summit was held at the Shangri la Hotel in Changchun & was attended by over 600 participants from China, USA, Canada, United Kingdom France, Germany, Italy, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Ireland, Belgium, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, India, Turkey, Philllippines, Australia, Mongolia, CIS and South America.

Over 350 Fortune 500 corporate leaders participated in the first World Emerging Industries Summit. This Summit is held in conjunction with “The China North East Asia Expo”, one of China’s largest industrial exhibitions, which garners over 100,000 visitors and exhibitors. Each year, since the inception of the Asia-Pacific CEO Association Canada (APCEO-C) the Board of Directors has organized a Canadian members’ delegation to attend the APCEO World Summit.

For members of APCEO Canada, all local 5-star hotel, ground transportation and meal costs are taken care of by the organizers and only international and domestic flight costs are paid for by the members.

APCEO World Summit

Canada has earned the distinction and recognition of having the largest delegation in attendance at the APCEO World Summit each year. Every year, APCEO Canada has been honored with an invitation to provide a guest speaker to address the attendees from around the world. The Canadian delegation’s high profile at the Summit also provided excellent networking opportunities for the Canadian business delegates in attendance.

In 2010, APCEO Worldwide partnered with the Government of Jilin Province to organize and co-host a new Summit which focused on the emerging, high-growth global industries and aptly called, the “World Emerging Industries Summit”. Once again APCEO Canada was invited to provide two guest speakers. The new “World Emerging industries Summit” was such a success that an agreement was signed between the Jilin Government and APCEO Worldwide, to organize the same Summit in 2011.

2010 Summit

Global Chairman of APCEO and Former Prime Minister of France Dominique de Villepin delivers a speech at the Summit.

Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang delivers an important Speech at the Summit.

Canadian Member of Parliament Alice Wong delivers a speech at the Summit.

Colin Baker speaks on behalf of APCEO Canada.